FirmengebaudeWe develop application development tools for IBM mainframes since 1972. Applications run under CICS and are independent of the operating system: z/VSE = z/OS, online = batch. Applications from the 1970s run in today's environments without any change.

Our current development work focuses on integrating IBM mainframes in today's world of heterogeneous IT landscapes and enabling them to act as a data processing hub.

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Lattwein develops tools and solutions - including custom-made solutions - for companies that use IBM mainframes as a key component of their IT infrastructure.

Our motto is "...we make things easier." It stands for easy-to-use, fast, and (cost-)effective tools. These tools are designed both for experienced mainframe developers and for those just starting out with object oriented education and background.

Thus you can either develop browser-based applications that run under CICS with traditional mainframe programming skills, or you can easily access mainframe data with today's standard languages and techniques without deeper knowledge of the mainframe.

Last updated: 08/20/2014