CPG5 - Application Development for the Net
CPG5 is a programming tool for mainframe applications, allowing them to be accessed via any browser (intranet / extranet / Internet).
CPG5  programs run on an S/390 processor and can utilize all the presentation features offered by browsers today. All the processing remains on the mainframe, so the workstation always has access to current host data.
CPG5  uses the advantages of the S/390 (availability, data integrity, data security, scalability, ...) and adds the presentation strengths of GUI-based systems via use of the browser.
CPG5  applications are easy to create. All you need to develop such client/server applications are mainframe programming skills and a minimal knowledge of the PC GUI for the design of HTML pages.
CPG5  applications are fast to create. Browser-based applications are event-driven, so they need much less code than today‘s programs and lead to more "friendly" user interface.
CPG5  applications use Internet technology. They extend the reach of host applications to modern user interfaces and all the possibilities they offer. CPG5 offers a direct route from S/390 into the world of the Net – not just the Internet but also to an intranet or an extranet.
CPG5  retains the capability to deploy legacy-style systems using older 3270 interfaces. These can co-exist with browser-based systems. You can even create hybrid applications.
CPG5 mainframe applications are able to access other database systems on other servers, including the capability to use these sources in 3270 applications.
CPG5  consists of three components:
-     interactive host language (Just in Time Compiler)
-     page editor and HTML generator for the browser
-     fast file transfer, which provides individually programmable logic
      and can be started from CICS and batch applications.

Last updated: 10/04/2007