CPGJDBC is a daemon, that enables CICS and batch programs to process data on other platforms.

The programming is as easy as can be:
  • SQL statements are transfered via temporary storage (in case of CICS) or via ESDS files (in case of batch).
  • The connector is called with LINK in CICS and with CALL in batch – by every programming language!
  • The result (data or return code) is given back on temporary storage or on an ESDS file (in case of batch).

The technique is based on TCP/IP: The daemon gets SQL- statements via a TCP/IP connection and executes them via JDBC.

Thus, CPGJDBC is able to communicate with every data base that has a JDBC or ODBC interface.

The solution is implemented in JAVA. Thus it can be used on every platform.

  • Direct data processing instead of file transfers
  • Recentralization of decentral data
  • Keep or regain control of the data
  • Missing link in the coexistence of VSE, z/OS and Linux: 
    CPGJDBC allows the processing of the ‚new’ Linux data in the ‚old’ business critical applications.

Last updated: 10/04/2007