Connector CPGXML for the 'object oriented developer'
The connector CPGXML sends XML data to the mainframe, a self developed or generated QPG application is executed under CICS and the result - again - is an XML file, that can be presented by the presentation program.

For the PC developer, we offer a CPGxml package, that allows to store variables in an XML data object and to extract variables from this object.

CPGXML can be used from (almost) every programming language. We can deliver samples for JAVA, PHP, Visual Basic and VBA, Visual Objects, PHP, C++.

QPG is the mainframe component of the solution. QPG modules for data access run under CICS - the data processing is done where the data is stored. Such modules can be easily generated or individually programmed - from the 'naked' data access to an extended business logic.

CPGXML provides the data in XML format. The developer needs no mainframe programming skills.

CPGXML uses the same cgi-technique and offers the same comfort as » CPG5.

One solution for two generations of developers

The same QPG (mainframe) application can be called from different presentation platforms of our two approaches (CPG5 and CPGXML) :

The display of address data can be developed for a browser in HTML and for a mobile device in WML. The browser application can be created by a mainframe programmer using his skills and our CPG5, the 'hand held' application can be developed by an ASP/WML expert with his skills and our CPGXML.

The QPG program provides the data and is the same for both solutions.

Last updated: 10/04/2007