CPG4... the intelligent programming language
is the language level containing tools for text processing and knowledge based development.

Text processing is done with QTF (Quick Text Facility), which is designed specially for programmers of mainframe applications.

The knowledge base operating program is provided by QXF (Quick eXpert Facility). 

QTF (Quick Text Facility)
Today data processing and text processing are used together. QTF is the integrated text processing to the development platform of CPG. Do you want to design a new lookout of your billing? By using QTF and the tools of Lattwein this job is done by entering the changes into the text processing system. Enter the literals and variables into the list document to modify the new layout of the bills. The list document may be used online but also in the batch environment. 

By using QPG it is possible to develop programs interactively. QTF is the editor for QPG source code. 

Example: You want to send a mailing to all customers with a line of business of cars in the geograpical district of Cologne. The coding for this looks like follows:
    IF ZIPCOD = "50" 
      LIST MAIL 
(The code: LIST MAIL writes the whole page, including the variables of the client.) 

QXF (Quick Expert Facility)
is the knowledge base processing in CPG4. By using QXF, programs can be called with the most diverse terms and can be regained above all. QXF gives you the ability to have access to the knowledge of each person of your company. QXF internally works with different knowledge bases and has facilities to maintain them. Only the knowledge base administrator is allowed to connect neccessary rules within the specific knowledge base. 

QXF works in a mainframe like a search machine in the Internet. You may enter one or more selection criteria and QXF tries to find all matching elements. The results of the search are shown in a list from where the next steps can start. The selection criteria may be sentences like in real life. So you will have the same results when entering: "I am looking for a brief description of my housekeeping" or "Description housekeeping" or "Help housekeeping" or "Help BUZA" , where BUZA is the transaction code for the application you are looking for. 

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Last updated: 10/04/2007